Jack Black is not an actor who minces his words and he's more than happy to speak his mind, if the time calls for it.

On Tuesday, the 49-year-old actor was in Hollywood, California, to see his star unveiled on the Walk of Fame.

Those in attendance paid tribute to the 49-year-old star, best known for his roles in comedies such as School of Rock and Nacho Libre.

Director Richard Linklater said:

He’s the most charitable sweetheart of a guy.

But from what I know working with him, I just wanna say, he’s such a great guy to hang out with.

In his own words, Black thanked everyone for coming along and was clearly humbled to finally receive his own star.

I’ve wanted one of these things for so long. Since I was a kid I thought, ‘Oh man, if you get one of those stars on the sidewalk that means you’ve made it.’ And I feel like I’ve finally grasped that sweet brass ring.

In the immortal words of Axl Rose, ‘Where do we go now?'

Black then dropped a few hints that he might be considering retiring from the acting business.

I got the thing! Why continue? I’ve made it.

However, the biggest applause came as he closed his speech and took a swipe at Donald Trump.

In his closing sentiments, he said:

I love you all so much.

Except for Donald Trump's a piece of s**t!

Peace out, love you!

This isn't the first time that Black has made a joking criticism of Trump.

Back in January 2017, shortly before Trump was inaugurated to the White House, Black compared Trump to Charlie Sheen when the actor was addicted to drugs.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame and Trump have something of a history together, as of late.

In August this year, the West Hollywood Council confirmed that a resolution had been passed to remove the President's star from the street after it had been repeatedly vandalised.

This prompted a conservative artist to cover the Walk of Fame in dozens of replica Trump stars as a form of protest.

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