Viral superstar Jackie Weaver has now released her own song of that Parish Council meeting

Viral superstar Jackie Weaver has now released her own song of that Parish Council meeting

Not long after going viral for chairing a chaotic parish council meeting, viral sensation Jackie Weaver is soon to feature on an electronic dance track out next week.

Weaver, who rose to fame last month for her handling of the Zoom call, will appear on Jackie Weaver’s Kicked Him Out alongside singer Joe Rose, with the song produced by Helen Meissner (also known as Helefonix).

Commenting on the single, Weaver – who is chief officer of the Cheshire Association of Local Councils – said it was “not the sort of thing people our age usually embark on”, adding that “that is half the fun”.

“Not many women coming towards the end of their working lives have the opportunity to try something different, still feel true to their values and also feel safe. Helen offered me that opportunity and I took it,” she said.

The song was created following a Twitter conversation between Weaver and Meissner, with the project finished within five days.

Alongside including catchphrases from the male participants in the Zoom meeting – such as the infamous line, “you have no authority here, Jackie Weaver” – the track also references the Make A Change campaign. 

The project, close to Weaver’s heart, encourages members of the public to get involved in their local council and for “local councils to engage with as many residents from their community as possible”.

When asked what she hopes will be achieved by the release of the record, Weaver replied: “[I hope that] people will see that you don’t have to be old and dull to be passionate about local government – we can get involved and have fun along the way.”

It isn’t the first time Weaver has been songified, with Andrew Lloyd-Webber penning a number about the clerk last month. Comedian Michael Fry also turned the moment into an indie song.

You can listen to Jackie Weaver’s own song below.

Jackie Weaver’s Kicked Him Out will be available to stream and download from 15 March.

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