Jeff Bezos mocked for turning away trick-or-treaters and claiming that he ‘wasn’t participating in Halloween’

Stephen Colbert roasted billionaire (aka the second richest man on Earth) Jeff Bezos because he didn’t give out any sweets to trick-or-treaters this Halloween - despite his humongous wealth.

“I had a great Halloween after last year’s Halloween lockdown. It was really nice to have regular trick-or-treaters come to the door this year,” the late night host began by saying in his monologue.

However, it seems not everyone was in the spooky spirit, with Colbert turning his attention to how Amazon founder and billionaire Jeff Bezos - or “Squid Game season ticket holder,” as the host joked - spent Halloween.

Colbert referred to a report by Politico who claim that kids knocking on Bezos’ door in Washington D.C. were left disappointed after being informed by a man via an intercom that his home was “not participating in Halloween.”

On cue, the audience booed in response to the news.

“Not participating in Halloween?” Colbert asked rhetorically in shock. “Then why did he spend all year costumed as Panic Pete the Squeeze Toy?”

A side-by-side image comparison of the two appear on screen while the audience cheered and applauded the roast.

Although he did mention that Bezos himself wasn’t home during Halloween and was actually overseas celebrating the 66th birthday of Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

And the host couldn’t miss another opportunity to burn the billionaire once more.

“Bezos didn’t actually get Gates a gift, but he did give him this card: ‘You’re turning 66, not participating in your birthday,’” he quipped.

Bezos spent this weekend in Glasgow for the COP26 climate conference and in this conference speech said: “Amazon aims to power all its operations by renewable energies by 2025.”

He added that the company are still working towards the goal of going carbon netural by 2040.

The 57-year-old also shared an anecdote about his time in space: “I was told that seeing the Earth from space changes the lens through which you see the world. But I was not prepared for how much that would be true.

“Looking back at earth from up there, the atmosphere seems so thin. The world so finite and so fragile. Now in this critical year, and what we all know is a decisive decade, we must all stand together to protect our world.”

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