Seinfeld predicted Facebook in 1992

Seinfeld predicted Facebook in 1992

Seinfeld first aired on the 5th July 1989. The pilot, entitled The Seinfeld Chronicles was largely ignored by critics and the American public. It led to the smallest order in television history, just four episodes, but ultimately resulted in perhaps the greatest sitcom in the history of the medium.

The infamous “show about nothing” had a profound influence on life, the universe and everything but it appears the star, Jerry Seinfeld, also pretty much predicted the invention of Facebook.

In the 1992 episode, The Bubble Boy, a bona fide classic from the show’s flawless fourth season, the episode opens with a stand-up routine about answering machines (they were a big thing back then). The comedian concludes with a line that is somehow more relevant in the era of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram than it was during the early ‘90s.

It’s very important for human beings to feel they are popular and well liked amongst a large group of people that we don’t care for.

He also talks about the social gratification we all get (and love?) by seeing a flashing red light (notification) when we get home (log on) in an eerily accurate take on where the world was headed.

One can only imagine the young Mark Zuckerberg was watching with his parents and his eyes lit up.

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