Jimmy Kimmel uses anti-vaxxers’ own words against them in scathing monologue

Jimmy Kimmel uses anti-vaxxers’ own words against them in scathing monologue

Jimmy Kimmel had some strong words for Fox News and former President Donald Trump last night, accusing them of feeding USanti-vaxxers “nonsense” about vaccinations.

During his Monday night monologue, forJimmy Kimmel Live!, Kimmel referred to a recent poll by The Associated Press-NORC Center that revealed that 41 per cent of American republicans say they won’t get the vaccine.

The same poll also showed the 49 per cent of Republican men say they won’t get the vaccine.

“In fairness, they have been fed so much nonsense from their ‘Fox & Friends,’ said the host during the segment.

To drive home his point, the host used the anti-vaxxer's own words against them with a scathing look at past mixed messages.

“This is what they’ve heard: The pandemic isn’t a big deal, it’ll wash away, it’s no worse than the flu, but it was created by China to destroy us,” said Kimmel.

“Which is it?” goaded the host, “Is Trump not getting the credit he deserves for manufacturing the vaccine or is this how Bill Gates controls our minds?” 

“No wonder they’re hesitant,” the late-night host concluded, “I’d be hesitant, too, if everything I was told contradicted everything else I was told.”

Kimmel’s monologue comes after recent news that Donald Trump and Melania Trump had received their Covid-19 vaccination while they were still in office back in January but had chosen not to publicise it.

The US is one of the most impacted nations during the pandemic with 530,000 Covid-related deaths and nearly 29.5 million infections.

As covid restrictions continue to loosen up across the US, leading infectious diseases expert Dr. Anthony Fauci had recently called on Trump to encourage his supporters to get the jab, telling Fox News on Sunday (14th March) that it would “make all the difference in the world.” 

“He’s a very widely popular person among Republicans,” he said.

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