John Cena pays tribute to artist after being called out for stealing his artwork without credit

John Cena pays tribute to artist after being called out for stealing his artwork without credit
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WWE wrestler-turned-actor John Cena is on the verge of becoming a huge name in Hollywood but that doesn’t mean he can’t find time to act like a hero on social media and give a budding artist some credit.

The 43-year-old, who is set to star in several big forthcoming releases such as The Suicide Squad and Fast and Furious 9, has a very unique approach to Instagram. While his Twitter feed is full of cryptic but motivational messages, his Instagram feed is often a series of memes or random images that may or may not have some link to him and a project he’s working on.

He always posts the images without a caption or explanation. His Instagram bio literally says, “Welcome to my Instagram. These images will be posted without explanation, for your interpretation. Enjoy.” While this is all fun and good-natured, Cena managed to land himself in some hot water on Monday after he shared a piece of artwork without crediting the artist.

The star shared an image of his fellow wrestler, R-Truth, mocked up as Cena’s Suicide Squad character Peacemaker, who Cena will also play in a spin-off TV series.

The image was made by a Saudi Arabian artist and graphic designer called Abdulmalik, who has a large following on Instagram thanks to his wrestling-themed art. However, Cena managed to crop Abdulmalik’s name out of the post leaving him with no choice to request that Cena credit him.

Cena clearly saw these requests and not only credited Abdulmalik, he dedicated an entire Instagram post to the artist.

On overwhelmed Abdulmalik shared Cena’s post on his own page adding, “Haha thank you man @johncena! You made a man who was about to lose his s**t way wayyy happier and I’m very grateful for that! Thank you again so much.”

This is only a small gesture from Cena but is way more than he needed to do in order to say sorry and make up for his mistake and you have to say that it is great to see.

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