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If you are a child of a certain age then you will be very familiar with the animated series Arthur about a young, spectacle wearing aardvark and his friends, family and the morals that they learn on a day-to-day basis.

It's a classic of its time and despite debuting in 1996 is still going strong and concluded it's 21st season earlier this year. It's also got a great theme tune.

'What does Arthur have to do with John Legend and Chrissy Teigen?' you may ask.

Well the iInternet's favourite couple have something of a running joke between themselves, where Teigen constantly mocks her husband, who she thinks looks like the animated character.

Several jokes have been posted on Twitter and Instagram by Teigen and they are pretty funny if we say so ourselves.

Memes would suggest that Teigen is on to something here.

Legend has slowly started to embrace the meme as evident by this Google Duo commercial.

However, it looks like Legend is going to take this to the next level.

During an appearance on the most recent episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Legend was asked about all the Arthur memes and references in Teigen's social media posts.

Legend admitted that he didn't understand what the jokes were about as he didn't watch the show when he was growing up but did concede that he looked like the character and vowed to cover the theme song.

In response to one of Teigen's Instagram posts he told Fallon:

So that's the theme song which I learned after people started comparing me to him on Twitter and Instagram, so one day I'm gonna cover the theme song.

[Chrissy Teigen] is always trolling me. She's my number one troll on Twitter.

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