British comedian John Oliver wants the world to know that President Donald Trump is not a reflection of the rest of the country.

During the latest episode of Last Week Tonight, the comedian pointed out the US President has been offending lots of people with his recent comments.

His alleged remarks on not wanting immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador and African nations because they are “s***hole countries" was met with widespread condemnation, as well as his diplomacy skills, which leave much to be desired.

He reportedly referred to Germans as “bad, very bad”, stepped out of the during the Nato and G7 summit, and a few days later Angela Merkel made a statement where she said:

The time where we can rely on others is, to an extent over. I’ve experienced this in the last few days and that’s why us Europeans must really take our fate in our own hands.

To say America's reputation has been taking the hard hits would be an understatement.

But Oliver wants to make it clear: America is more than Trump.

He said:

It seems like America’s reputation overseas is under attack from its own president. Which is just ridiculous. Soft power is an act of salesmanship. It’s selling your brand. It is the one thing that Trump is supposed to be good at and he’s fucking blowing it.

So as an immigrant, who has fallen in love with this country for what it’s worth, please allow me to speak to the rest of the world in America’s defence for a moment because Donald trump does not reflect America.

To be completely honest, he does reflect it a bit but the point is America is not one thing it is a beautiful mess of contradictions where good and bad are mixed together.

Trump is the worst of us, yes, but he’s not all of us. 

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