Justin Bieber shows support for the NHS, is your new socialist hero

Justin Bieber shows support for the NHS, is your new socialist hero

In sentences we didn't think we'd type today, Justin Bieber is actively trying not to get a Christmas number 1 in the UK and is promoting an NHS charity single instead.

Justin, it turns out, is a true belieber in not privatising national healthcare:

The Canadian pop star said on Wednesday that he was willing to take a hit in order to get a single by the NHS Choir of Lewisham, recorded to raise funds for charities Carers UK and Mind, to number one in the Christmas charts.

Campaigner Joe Blunden said reaching the top spot would give NHS staff a "much needed moral boost... to celebrate the thousands of NHS staff that go the extra mile every day".

The NHS is under huge pressure, particularly with winter upon us, and we wanted to do something that could show just how valued the NHS is, and just how loved the staff are.

Bieber's single 'Love Yourself' is currently on track to be the Christmas number one, with 23,000 more copies sold than the NHS Choir's ‘A Bridge Over You’, a mash up of ‘Fix You’ by Coldplay and Simon & Garfunkel’s ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’.

We're not quite sure why of all the good fights to fight Bieber has picked the sustained Tory dismantling of the NHS, but we're not complaining.

Maybe it's a Christmas miracle?

Or maybe not, as it turns out:

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