Keanu Reeves delights internet by leaving note on fan’s sign outside house

Keanu Reeves delights internet by leaving note on fan’s sign outside house

Keanu Reeves is having something of a renaissance. The star of Speed,Bill & Ted, The Matrix and John Wick is a meme-generating machine who is beloved for his exploits on and off camera these days.

Whether he's being universally applauded for the respect he shows towards female fans, his commitment to making sure his fans get an autograph - even if it costs him ice cream, or mystifying the world with his ability to turn water into wine and seemingly live forever, he is well and truly 'the internet's boyfriend' now, and the world is all the better for it.

The actor is currently in Louisiana shooting Bill and Ted Face the Music. One fan, Stacey Hunt, heard the film was being shot just up the street from her home and her 16-year-old son, Ethan, suggested the family welcome him with a sign.

Just last month a fan screamed “You’re breathtaking” at the star of The Devil’s Advocate and the moment instantly became a meme so Stacey did what we all would have done in this situation. She painted the phrase onto a sign and stuck it in her front lawn to welcome the great man.

Keanu being Keanu, spotted the sign, he got out of his car, walked onto the lawn and asked to sign it.

Let that sink in, not only did he spot the sign it and visit Stacey and her family, he asked permission to sign it. Permission.

You don't need to be glued to the tabloids to know that permission is hardly a Hollywood buzzword, but here we are: Keanu Reeves, cruising through a random neighbourhood and asking for literal permission to sign his autograph on a placard that was built for exactly that purpose.

His message? “Stacey, you’re breathtaking.”

But that's not the end of it.

He then proceeded to pose for pictures and generally prove he is deserving of his title as the Internet’s boyfriend.

Stacey concluded the day by putting another sign in the front yard to thank the actor for his kindness.

The man, the legend, The Matrix.

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