Pop stars are so bored in quarantine they’ve started summoning aliens

Pop stars are so bored in quarantine they’ve started summoning aliens

The celebrities are back at it again with their fascination with aliens.

Back in October, Demi Lovato revealed in a surreal Instagram post that she had a UFO encounter during a retreat to Joshua Tree, and urged her fans to “meditate” to get the planet off its “negative path towards destruction”.

More recently, the singer had a conversation with Kesha about her extraterrestrial sighting, going into more detail about what exactly she saw, along with photo evidence.

“The first big thing that happened was we saw this really bright light,” Lovato said. “This blue orb kept floating in front of us 20, 30 feet away. When I would try to walk up to it, it would just hop another 20, 30 feet back, so I could never chase it or get to it.”

She also explains that Dr. Steven Greer, the expert that led her UFO spotting retreat, named the “blue orb” Kindness, because it had previously healed a person’s hearing loss.

The conversation was part of Kesha and the Creepies, Kesha’s podcast about the supernatural.

Now, Kesha has announced she’s also picked up an extraterrestrial hobby thanks to Lovato: summoning aliens.

"There were a couple books [Lovato] mentioned and an app she mentioned that I immediately downloaded," Kesha told Entertainment Tonight. She added that she told her family that “all I want for Christmas is for us all to meditate and try to channel extraterrestrials”, and they were apparently completely up for it.

Still, no one has explained the relevance of meditation.

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