Kim Kardashian and Kanye West ridiculed for most bizarre photoshoot yet

It’s been a hot minute since the Kardashians grabs headlines for something that reminds everyone that they reside on a different planet.

Maybe it was the whole “global pandemic” thing that hoovered up headlines instead. Thankfully people are now ready to be outraged and amused about their antics again.

Which is why a photoshoot posted by Kim Kardashian on Sunday has attracted a ridicule across the board.

Featuring her and husband Kanye West posing at their Wyoming ranch, the bizarre set of photos shows Kim and Kanye stood on some decking.

Both are in full leather outfits and wearing shades. One picture sees Kim facing the camera, with Kanye’s hands on her hips.

The second –and the source of most the derision – sees her turn to face Kanye and lightly place her hands round his neck.

But the pics quickly got the meme treatment.

Irish Twitter users in particular thought the location was pretty recognisable…

So much so that a quick photoshop job was in order.

And people from all over the UK quickly started guessing their location.

There was even a recreation of the scene with innovative bin bag use.

Others wondered about the noise emitted by the pair.

You see, the trick is never to actually wear any of these outfits in real life.

You can bet the sweatpants went on the moment the camera shutter came down.

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