Kim Kardashian becomes a meme after bragging about her ‘humble’ private island birthday party

Kim Kardashian becomes a meme after bragging about her ‘humble’ private island birthday party

Kim Kardashian West has been widely criticised and turned into a meme after she shared pictures of 40 birthday party on a private island on Twitter.

The reality TV star, who turned 40 last week, claimed that she had asked members of her 'closest inner circle' to quarantine and get health checks before jetting them off to a private island so they "could pretend things were normal just for a brief moment in time."

Kardashian shared pictures of her family and close friends at the undisclosed location which appears to be completely free of the Covid-19 pandemic. That or everyone is 100 per cent confident that they aren't carrying the illness.

However, Kardashian's tweets did not have the desired effect, with many people criticising the star for flaunting her wealth and privilege when much of the world is currently experiencing a second wave of coronavirus, forcing everyone to either change their lifestyles again or being unable to see their friends and family.

Many, many people have lashed out at the tone-death nature of the tweets, especially when more than one million people have already died worldwide.

The criticism of Kardashian soon created a meme, with people using her own words against her to show just how surreal it is to have all your friends and family quarantine before sending them to a private island, with many using Hi pop culture references such as Game of Thrones, Lord of the Flies, The Wicker Man and The Sopranos.

Imagine getting trolled by the Museum of Modern Art...

Anyway, a word to the wise, if you are gonna have a mass and presumably expensive private gathering during a pandemic, probably best not to share it on social media.

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