K-Pop fans are demanding Spotify 'Apologize To Lisa' after Wrapped error sparked outrage

K-Pop fans are demanding Spotify 'Apologize To Lisa' after Wrapped error sparked outrage
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There is drama in the K-Pop world involving two massive fandoms.

On Friday, the statement "apologize to Lisa" trended on Twitter as fans of BLACKPINK's Lisa came to her defense following a mistake with Spotify Wrapped.

Upon releasing their "Top K-Pop Artists of 2022" playlist, Spotify awarded the top soloist spot to BTS's Jungkook who released several songs this year including Dreamers, Left and Right, and Stay Alive.

But then Spotify changed some tracking methods which awarded BLACKPINK's Lisa with the most amount of streams as a soloist.

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On Twitter, K-Pop fans expressed outrage over the switch, launching a bullying campaign against Lisa. According to Twitter users, people made "misogynistic, xenophobic and slut-shaming attacks" on the artist.

Hours later, Spotify K-Pop changed their list again, re-awarding Jungkook the top spot.

"Multiple genre tags led to slightly different top ten lists, and they were not properly merged. This mistake has been corrected," they tweeted on Thursday.

"We join the fans in celebrating the many achievements of BTS and regret this error," they added.

But Lisa fans were not content with the apology and demanded Spotify apologize for making a mistake that led to a hate campaign against Lisa.


According to fans, Twitter users accused Lisa of engaging in sexual behavior with top Spotify executives in order to achieve the title of most streamed K-Pop soloist.

Others accused Lisa of paying Spotify.

Some used the moment to attack Lisa's image and music.


Some people accused BTS fans of starting the slew of hatred against Lisa.


Some Twitter users theorized that the mistake occurred after Spotify stopped counting collaborative songs when determining the most-streamed solo artist.

Jungkook's songs Left and Right and Stay Alive are technically collaborative with other artists.

Although Jungkook holds the title of the most-streamed solo artist, Lisa is the most-streamed female K-Pop soloist.

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