Everyone's Spotify Wrapped has dropped and the memes are amazing

Everyone's Spotify Wrapped has dropped and the memes are amazing
7 In 10 People Too Embarrassed To Share Spotify Wrapped Results

Social media was abuzz on Wednesday as people excitedly shared their Spotify Wrapped and posted memes joking about the momentous day.

Since 2016, Spotify has given users a chance to review their annual listening habits with Spotify Wrapped.

Not only does the music-streaming service send users data about their top five streamed artists and songs, but it provides a playlist of their top 100 songs of the year.

The marketing campaign is a highly anticipated moment in a Spotify user's year.

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But it has also become a highly anticipated moment in any internet user's year as people use the annual Spotify Wrapped format to create hilarious memes.

Most commonly, the memes have to do with how accurately Spotify Wrapped describes a person's personality or year with the type of music they listened to - duh, it's based on data.

And yet, every year people are shocked to find Spotify knows them well.





The marketing campaign also provides some great insight into the listening habits of the general population.

For example, it seems that Harry Styles and Taylor Swift have dominated people's headphones.



Of course, while Spotify Wrapped memes are for everyone to enjoy only Spotify users get to divulge in their annual listening habits.

Other music-streaming services have enacted similar features but Spotify users will maintain that they have the best subscription.


Tis' the season!


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