Kyle MacLachlan may have just made the best version of the Fleetwood Mac 'Dreams' challenge

Kyle MacLachlan may have just made the best version of the Fleetwood Mac 'Dreams' challenge

For a few months now, the best piece of levity that has distracted us from the hellscape of 2020 has been the 'Dreams' challenge.

It all started in September when Instagram user Nathan Apodaca shared a video of himself skateboarding, drinking cranberry juice and listening to 'Dreams', the classic hit from Fleetwood Mac.

The video proved to be so popular that the song actually re-entered the music charts, but better yet Mick Fleetwood and Stevie Nicks, actual members of the band, created their own versions of the video.

This has sparked a flood of people attempting their own versions of the 'Dreams Challenge' but we believe that we might have seen the best one, courtesy of actor Kyle MacLachlan.

The viral clip, which has been viewed more than 500,000 times, sees the 61-year-old channel his one of his best-known roles, as agent Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks, as he sips coffee from a Twin Peaks mug and speaks into a dictaphone, two well known tropes of the enigmatic FBI agent.

However, he manages to use the same hand for both actions, effortlessly transitioning between both objects, as if there was some sort of magical force at play. It's also not a million miles away from his role as the laid back and carefree mayor of Portland in the Portlandia sketch show.

Needless to say, both shows got mentioned in the comments of his video.

But how did he manage to pull this off? After being asked if he was on a chariot MacLachlan confirmed that he was being pulled along by 'tiny mice.'

Never change Kyle, never change...

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