Kylie Jenner just gave birth to a baby girl after months of speculation and airtight secrecy.

As well a new addition to the Kardashian clan, fans finally get their long-awaited confirmation that she was pregnant all along.

The 20-year-old announced the news just hours before one of America’s biggest televised productions – the Super Bowl.

Talk about seizing the limelight.

She also released an 11-minute video montage documenting the nine months she was pregnant, entitled 'To Our Daughter'.

Her sisters, who had been dodging questions about her pregnancy for months, tweeted their congratulations, and her mum, Kris Jenner also tweeted about her joy at the news:

I am so excited and thrilled to welcome another precious baby girl to our beautiful, ever growing family. We are blessed beyond belief!

But now that the prodigal baby has arrived, everyone - even those who don't follow the Kardashians - are desperate to know what she will name her daughter.

Given the Kardashians’ interesting history of naming their children, some of the suggestions from fans have been pretty wild.

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