Jesy Nelson leaving Little Mix sparks debate about the terrible impact of online trolling

Jesy Nelson
Jesy Nelson
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Last night it was announced that one of the four founding members of Little Mix, Jesy Nelson, is leaving the band.

Her permanent departure from the girl group follows an extended period away for private medical reasons.

In an official statement posted on the singer’s Instagram, Jesy explained:

“The truth is recently being in the band has really taken a toll on my mental health. I find the constant pressure of being in a girl group and living up to expectations very hard.

She continues, “There comes a time in life when we need to reinvest in taking care of ourselves rather than focussing on making other people happy, and I feel like now is the time to begin that process.”

The 29-year-old has been very open about her struggles with her mental health.

In a 2019 BBC documentary 'Odd One Out', the singer spoke candidly about the impact of cyberbullying on her mental wellbeing, as trolls criticised her appearance to the point where her esteem was so shattered she attempted to take her own life.

Since her announcement to leave the band, many fans have shown support, praising the singer for putting her health first.

Her bandmates have also got behind her, saying in a statement “this is an incredibly sad time for all of us but we are fully supportive of Jesy.”

In a world where we have so much access to those in the public eye, one Twitter user praised Jesy for her bravery in admitting the public pressure is just too much.

Her departure from the band has left many fans heartbroken, as they blame the online trolling she has had to endure over the years for her deciding to step away. Some implored people to be kinder online.

We wish her all the best.

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