Loose Women star praised for shutting down ‘casual racism’ remark after Meghan interview

<p>Charlene White and Louise Minchin discussing the potential “causal racism” of the Royal Family</p>

Charlene White and Louise Minchin discussing the potential “causal racism” of the Royal Family

Loose Women/ITV

Charlene White has been applauded for shutting down a fellow Loose Women panellist who excused “causal racism” online while discussing the Oprah interview with Meghan and Harry that was broadcast last night on CBS in the US.

The claims made in the video have been causing the internet to erupt, particularly the revelation that people in the palace were “concerned” about how dark Archie’s complexion was going to be.

White was visibly taken aback at this categorisation of the incident as she said, “You may be okay with causal racism”, Louise Moore tried to backtrack, but White continued, “There’ s a very, very, different reason between enquiring as to the skin colour of a child who is the product of an interracial relationship as to be being ‘concerned’”

This exchange came after Moore expressed how she felt uneasy judging the situation because of how she did not know the context, despite finding it “serious”

“But I struggle with the lack of context and how vague it was. By not being specific, you’ve condemned the entire family. And if you think about it could have been an out and out racist comment, or it could have been someone very senior in the family.” She said.

She then went to say, “I think everyone watching has got someone from the older generation that sometimes says something that’s very inappropriate or maybe casually racist, not necessarily meaning it or be or understanding it is.”

After discussing if the royal couple should have named and shamed the individual who made the comment, White said, “it’s up to them.”

In the segment on the video, White appealed to the panel, and to people in general, to listen to the experience of Black people and Black women in particular, when they discuss racial issues.

Harry and Meghan’s interview is due to be on ITV tonight at 9 pm.

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