Lorraine Kelly seemed to discover how books work in bizarre video montage

Lorraine Kelly, a white woman with waving brown hair, smiles at the camera.
Lorraine Kelly discovers how books work in bizarre video montage
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Daytime TV presenter and ‘actress’ Lorraine Kelly seems to have a go-to line when it comes to interviewing celebrities about their books on her programme – as revealed in a new video montage which has gone viral online.

The compilation, which includes clips from interviews with celebs such as Great British Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain and This Morning hosts Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, sees Kelly repeatedly says “it’s like you’re talking to me”.

It’s almost as if that’s the whole point of an autobiography or memoir.

“It’s you, talking to me. I know I say this a lot when people are on, but not everybody likes a book where I’m hearing them,” Kelly told Hussain.

Another clip sees the Scottish presenter saying to Willoughby: “Because it’s like you’re talking to me, and telling me things.”

“I love this, ‘cause it was like Sue Perkins in my head, talking to me',” Kelly said to, erm, Sue Perkins.

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Yeah, we think you say it more than “a lot”, Lorraine.

The clip continued to show Kelly talking to Schofield about his book, Life’s What You Make It.

She said: “Now you know, when I read this, it was like you were sitting talking to me.”

“And that’s what I wanted it to be like, yeah,” replied Schofield, in a response which is hardly surprising, really.

“It does. It feels like you’re talking to me and we’re just having a conversation, which is absolutely lovely,” Kelly added.

Naturally, the repetitive line has since been ridiculed on social media, with many referencing the time she didn’t have to pay a tax bill from HMRC because it was ruled that she presents a “persona” when hosting her ITV programme:

Ironically, we think Kelly saying the same line over and over again in interviews is rather taxing…

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