Louis Theroux went to the next level for his fans

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As one of Britain's best and most intrepid documentarians, there are few things that Louis Theroux won't do.

He's visited some of America's most dangerous prisons, spoken to white supremacists and even confronted the Church of Scientology.

He can now add impersonating a Twitter bot to his resume.

A Twitter bot that aims to imitate the 47-year-old's distinct, serious tone through randomly generated tweets was only set up on 23 October ,but it has already attracted over 33,000 followers.

On 25 October it posted a tweet that has gained infamy, mainly for upsetting the people of Hull.

The tweet attracted a lot of attention including from Louis himself, who posted the following promise to his fans.

And retweet they did. The original tweet now has over 4,000 shares on the platform.

Staying true to his word, Louis recorded the message but had a little difficulty uploading it.

Thankfully he soon figured it out and it was everything you could have hoped for.

As you can guess, everyone loved it.

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