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All good things come to those who wait, right?

That seems to be the case for a movie that was filmed in 2015 and won't be released for people to view until a whole century later.

The film titled 100 Years is also called "The Movie You Will Never See" in the tagline. It stars John Malkovich and is directed by Robert Rodriguez of Spy Kids and From Dusk Till Dawn.

The short film is set to imagine planet Earth 100 years into the future and won't be released until 2015.

So why is that?

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The film is a promotion for the luxury alcohol brand Louis XIII Cognac, which takes 100 years for it to age correctly before it's sold to consumers.

Speaking to The Guardian Life, Ludovic du Plessis, the Global Executive Director for Louis XIII Cognac, said that it is a "true testament" to time.

"We sought to create a proactive piece of art that explores the dynamic relationship of the past, the present, and the future…four generations of cellar masters put a lifetime of passion into a bottle of Louis XIII, yet they will never taste the resulting masterpiece," du Plessis said.

There have been three teasers for the film, each depicting a different outlook of 2115.

Malkovich explained that there were "several options" of "what [the future] would be."

"An incredibly high tech, beyond computerised version of the world, a post-Chernoybl, back to nature, semi-collapsed civilisation and then there was a retro-future which was how the future was imagined in science fiction of the 1940s or 50s," he said.

Rodriguez was already making short films for the brand when he was presented with the concept. He said he finished that film first and assumed it would be a "commercial or something."

"And then I showed them the movie, and they said, 'Yeah, that's great, that's great. That's the one we lock away.' And I said, 'What? That's the one you lock away? What about the other one with the future--' 'No, that's the commercial,'" he told YouTuber INTHEPANDA.

100 Years is set to be released on November 18, 2115. And if you happen to find the secret to immortality, you would be able to watch it.

Check out the trailer below:

100 Years: The Movie You'll Never See Future

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