Regardless of what you think of Christmas movies (It's A Wonderful Life = a classic, Elf = a bit annoying), there is no denying that Home Alone is an unbeatable family favourite that never fails to raise a smile.

The tale of young Kevin McAllister getting left behind from his family's Christmas trip, only to end up protecting his home from burglars doesn't sound like the cheeriest of movies but Kevin's coming of age and the reaffirmation of the love between him and his parents is guaranteed to warm your heart each and every time you watch it.

Oh, and there is also the long scene where he gets violent revenge on the thieves, with a series of elaborate and potentially life-ending pranks, which apparently weren't severe enough as they again succumbed to the same traps just one year later.

Macaulay Culkin, who played McAllister in the first two Home Alone movies has recently been revisiting the movie's legacy. Last week he appeared in a Google advert where he recreated scenes from the film. Over on Twitter he's had some more philosophical and retroactive thoughts about the film, where he admits that he feels bad for burglars at this time of year as they are probably terrified that they will be wounded in the same way that 'The Wet Bandits' were in the movie.

We doubt that Culkin actually feels bad for anyone that would dare to rob a house at this time of year, as it's probably the most selfish and heartless thing that someone could do at Christmas.

Still, the cheeky tweet prompted some humorous responses from Culkin's followers, who began to fondly reminisce about the movie.

We're pretty sure that kids today wouldn't have to resort to the type of tactics that Kevin did as there is probably an app or something like that to stop thieves.

Anyway, Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal.

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