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Matilda and Mrs Doubtfire actor Mara Wilson has shared her experience of being a child star in light of the shocking Britney Spears documentary.

In a powerful op-ed for The New York Times, Wilson said she feels a shared kinship with the singer, who is in the middle of a legal battle, having once said in an interview that she “hated” her.

“I didn’t actually hate Britney Spears,” Wilson wrote. “But I would never have admitted to liking her. There was a strong streak of ‘Not Like the Other Girls’ in me at the time, which feels shameful now – although hadn’t I had to believe that, when I’d spent so much of my childhood auditioning against so many other girls?

“Some of it was pure jealousy, that she was beautiful and cool in a way I’d never be. I think mostly, I had already absorbed the version of The Narrative surrounding her.”

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Wilson also opened up about being “sexualised” as a young child, and not wanting to speak out against the treatment she faced because she did want to get a bad reputation. She was labelled a “spoiled brat” by a reporter, despite her efforts to come across as gracious.

Throughout the piece, she made reference to the way Hollywood has mistreated young women from Judy Garland to Drew Barrymore, both of whom struggled with addiction issues from young ages.

The #MeToo movement has tried to address sexism in the entertainment industry, but revelations like these show that there is a lot more to be done.

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