Someone shaved Mario and people can’t handle it

Someone has had the temerity to shave Mario and the internet is struggling to cope.

There are certain iconic figures whose facial hair defines them. Salvador Dali, Hulk Hogan and Tom Selleck are three of the more significant 20th Century protagonists who would be unimaginable without their distinctive moustaches.

Now Mario, saviour of Princess and Wario nemesis, has been shorn of his legendary ‘tache and it makes for very uncomfortable viewing, like watching a romantic scene in a film with your parents during your childhood; it just doesn’t feel right. In fact, it feels like the mighty plumber has been transformed into Fireman Sam.

The modification, courtesy of SlashSMC (but not Jam Master Jay) sees Mario clean-shaven for the entirety of the game including cutscenes and gameplay.

People do not like change and they have reacted pretty negatively to the alteration.

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