Matt Hancock becomes The Joker in hilarious parody trailer

Back in the year 2019 (remember that?), when we could all still go outside and do things like visiting the cinema one of the most talked-about movies was Joker.

The origin story of Batman's arch-enemy earned Joaquin Phoenix the Oscar for Best Actor and shocked audiences with his portrayal of a tormented man's descent into insanity and violence.

Nowadays, we have been starved of new comic book movies to dig our teeth into so we have had to make our own heroes and villains.

Arguably the biggest heroes during the coronavirus have been the NHS staff, health care workers and those on the frontline against Covid-19, who will surely have movies made about them.

As for the villains, at least here in the UK, it has arguably been the government who have been severely criticised for their handling of the crisis and the scandals that have arisen from it.

Besides Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings, the next biggest 'villain' that people have been prepared to point the finger of blame at is health secretary Matt Hancock, whose television appearances have become more and more bizarre as the pandemic has gone on.

One of the most eye-opening occurred just this week when he was asked by Sky News' Kay Burley if he had rushed the release of the government's track and trace app to distract from the Cummings debacle.

In response, he laughed hysterically, not unlike the Joker, which brings us nicely to this mash-up video of the Joker trailer starring Mr. Hancock in the role of Gotham's crown prince of crime.

Incidentally, this video was made by Jon Harvey, who you may know better as the former Lord Buckethead and now Count Binface.

However, as good as this video is we doubt it will lead to an Oscar campaign for Hancock, which really would be the last thing we need at the moment.

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