Metallica react after dog sneaks away from home to attend their LA concert

Metallica react after dog sneaks away from home to attend their LA concert
One-on-one with Metallica's Lars Ulrich
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Metallica earned themselves an extra four-legged fan after a dog that ran away from home ended up at the metal band's concert in Los Angeles.

The doggo named Storm not only managed to sneak out of her home, but she even managed to take a seat at the So-Fi stadium show on August 27.

In a tweet sharing the hound's humorous adventure, Metallica's official Twitter noted how "this dog did sure did have her day..."

"You might have heard we had a four-legged fan join us for #M72LA! Despite reports to the contrary, our friend Storm snuck out of her home adjacent to @SoFiStadium and made her way to the gig all by herself."

While Storm appeared to enjoy the show, she was safely reunited with her actual family the following day.

"She had a great time listening to her favorite songs, including “Barx Æterna,” “Master of Puppies,” and “The Mailman That Never Comes.”

Though the band doesn't recommend their M72 World Tour for dogs.

“And in case you were wondering, no. You definitely shouldn’t bring your furry friends to the M72 World Tour. But this dog sure did have her day.”

Fans of the band shared their amusement at this story

Meanwhile, Storm was the only concertgoer to gain attention as actor Jason Momoa was spotted in the mosh pit from clips that have circulated on social media taken at the Metallica concert in California on August 25.

“These f****** opened with ‘Whilplash’!” the Game Of Thrones and Aquaman star can be heard saying as the band began their set and Momoa joined the pit area.

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