Nicole Kidman savaged for film that is 'so wooden it is a fire risk'

(Picture: Warner Bros)

Grace Of Monaco, starring Nicole Kidman in the title role, had its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival... and was resoundingly canned by critics.

The Guardian's Peter Bradshaw called it "so awe-inspiringly wooden that it is basically a fire-risk", adding that audiences may have to go to hospital after watching it "to have their toes uncurled under general anaesthetic".

Grace of Monaco is largely set in 1962, after Oscar-winning actress Grace Kelly has left America and married Prince Rainier III of Monaco.

The film... is like a 104-minute Chanel ad, only without the subtlety and depth.

Peter Bradshaw, the Guardian

But Kidman suffers from the shortcomings of a risible plot and dialogue lost in translation, according to the Times, which dubbed the film "Dis-Grace of Monaco".

It had already been attacked by Monaco's royal family for its alleged inaccuracies, and producer Harvey Weinstein had threatened not to release the current edit of the film.

It looks like it has cult classic written all over it...

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