Paloma Faith praised for addressing IVF and mental health issues in pregnancy announcement

Paloma Faith is being praised for her openness after announcing that she's pregnant on social media.

While most celebrities take to the notes app to apologise for something problematic they’ve done, the singer used it to reveal that she is pregnant with her second child after six rounds of IVF.

In her post, Faith opened up about her difficult past experiences with pregnancy. She also basically told her the paparazzi to leave her alone... and we have to respect the frankness:

I am not a skinny pregnant person and I am also high risk in pregnancy so would like to ask the media not to run after me to get unflattering shots as anxiety is detrimental to me and my baby. This child is so wanted, it’s my 6th round of IVF and was a struggle to get here. I had a very traumatic first birth and I am also prone to postpartum depression. Being a mother is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me but I will swell up and I won’t “glow”!

She concluded with a message to mothers: “To all the other pregnant women out there who are as in love with their babies as me but simultaneously s---ting themselves, let’s do this.”

Faith has been open in the past about her fertility struggles. In an interview with The Guardian, she said that she “did a whole tour with postnatal depression”.

Fans praised the singer for her honesty about her lengthy journey to pregnancy and for normalising IVF.

Others also related to her difficulties with IVF.

We can only wish Faith health and happiness as she embarks on this new chapter.

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