Pranksters hijack Piers Morgan hashtag with pictures of actual seaside piers

Pranksters hijack Piers Morgan hashtag with pictures of actual seaside piers

A campaign to get former Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan his job back didn’t exactly go to plan due to some very literal interpretations of the #BringBackPiers Twitter hashtag.

His decision to walk out on the show amid controversy surrounding his comments on Meghan Markle has clearly been a divisive one.

A petition calling for his return to his old job titled “Keep Piers Morgan on GMB for his common sense approach to life” has just reached 130,000 signatures and counting.

We’re not sure how consistent uproar surrounding his opinions on gender identity and race constitute as “common sense” but each to their own. His behaviour on the now-conclusive episode to his time on the show was enough to beat any Ofcom complaints record set in the decade prior, hitting 40,000 complaints in a little over 24 hours after the controversial broadcast.

By extension of the surge in support, #BringBackPiers was launched and ended up trending across the UK.

Some people took an opportunity where they saw one and thought it’d be funny to fill the hashtag with discourse about a more preferable kind of Piers – the ones you find on the beach, that is.

It wasn’t long until the entire hashtag was spammed with images of gorgeous seafront attractions from around the world.

How has something like this not happened before? The jokes write themselves.

Piers has since doubled down on his exit in response to calls from supporters that he must return to GMB via series of tweets.

“I won’t be going back, but thanks to everyone who has signed these petitions,” he said.

“Normally, people start petitions to have me fired or deported, so this is a pleasant surprise”.

“On Monday, I said I didn’t believe Meghan Markle in her Oprah interview. I’ve had time to reflect on this opinion, and I still don’t.

“If you did, OK. Freedom of speech is a hill I’m happy to die on. Thanks for all the love, and hate. I’m off to spend more time with my opinions

“I believe in freedom of speech, I believe in the right to be allowed to have an opinion. If people want to believe Meghan Markle, that’s entirely their right”.

Those concerned about his job security should rest easy – people suspect GB News may have their eye on him now he is back on the market.

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