Prince Charles and Camilla forced to restrict Twitter accounts after being trolled relentlessly by The Crown fans

Once again, fans of The Crown seem to be taking the show a little too seriously.

While the show’s plot is based on truth, much of it has been exaggerated or even totally fabricated. It is, after all, a fictional drama.

Regardless, for some viewers it has reignited decades-old animosity towards two particular royals.

Season four of The Crown chronicles Princess Diana and Princess Charles’s troubled marriage.

While the show primarily focuses a lot on the lengthy affair between Charles and Camilla, in real life of course things are never black and white.

It’s fair to see that neither of them are characterised in a particularly flattering way.

Consequently, many fans of the show have now turned on our future monarch and his current wife.

So much so that, as we reported on Tuesday, people flooded the official Royal Family Instagram page with a barrage of abusive comments.

To this day, people are still spamming the account with nasty comments.

It appears that the abuse also spread over to Twitter.

A post from Wednesday has over 150 responses, most of them praising Princess Diana or attacking Camilla.

In response, Clarence House – the official residence of Charles and Camilla – has now restricted who can comment on their posts.

Since Wednesday, the account has posted four tweets. Each of these has a restriction on who can respond.

Under the tweets, a Twitter disclaimer reads: “People @ClarenceHouse follows or mentioned can reply.”

Consequently, there are no replies from others accounts.

That being said, a quick glance at the quote tweets reveals that people are still enthusiastically trolling the royal couple.

The trolling of Charles and Camilla appears to be relentless.

We can’t help but feel a bit sorry for them.

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