Camilla Parker-Bowles subjected to ‘disgusting’ trolling after The Crown’s portrayal of her relationship
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Trolls seem to be taking The Crown a little too seriously.

While the hit Netflix show chronicles the events of the Queen’s reign, it is largely fictional.

The writer, Peter Morgan, has even admitted to entirely inventing some scenes.

But, despite this, fans of Princess Diana are letting Emerald Fennell’s depiction of Camilla Parker-Bowles colour their perception of the Duchess of Cornwall.

So much so that Parker-Bowles ended up facing a barrage of abusive comments on Instagram.

This weekend, a photo of Parker-Bowles was posted on the official Royal Family Instagram account.

The post was to celebrate the Queen’s Commonwealth essay competition.

A quick glance at the comment section reveals that hundreds of people shared their support for Princess Diana and their disdain for Prince Charle’s current wife.

Multiple comments simply read: “Diana <3”.

Others were much harsher.

One user commented: “Shame on you forever, Camilla!”

Another wrote: “Camilla makes me sick.”

Many, which we will not share, were even crueller.

There were a few comments in support of the Duchess of Cornwall.

@katesrangers wrote: “These comments are disgusting. Nobody is saying she didn't do anything wrong 30 years ago. Stop thinking The Crown is anywhere near accurate.”

Another, @vio_shay, commented: “Lots of people anti-Camilla. Many of these were not old enough to even remember Lady Diana. The Netflix TV show is just that, a TV show.”

The photo now has over 5,000 comments.

Neither Netflix nor anybody from the Royal Family have commented on the trolling.

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