People are furiously debating whether left-wingers can be fans of Princess Diana

People are furiously debating whether left-wingers can be fans of Princess Diana
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It’s a well-documented phenomenon that even lots of people who disagree the monarchy and everything it stands for often have a spot for Princess Diana.

When she joined the royal family, she represented something new and different. The modern princess was palatable to people who otherwise rejected the more conservative aspects of the monarchy.Be it supporting overlooked charities, raising her kids like normal children or being open about her mental health, Princess Diana won over hearts for her relative “normality”.

When she died, there was an unprecedented outpouring of grief from around the globe. Even many left-leaning people mourned her sudden and tragic death.

Years on, people remain reverential towards her. Many look up to her as a queer icon, a fashion muse and as a parenting role model.

But a debate has been sparked about whether somebody can call themselves left-wing and still stan the late princess.

A string of tweets kicked off the debate by seemingly calling out some Princess Diana fans for supposed hypocrisy.

The tweet reads: “Leftists who ostensibly hate the royal family but stan Princess Diana are incredibly annoying.”

It continues: “She isn’t your hero, she was just a vacuous and neurotic posh girl who was incredibly self absorbed.”

The account then later referred to her as a “multi millionaire aristocrat” and pointed out that billionaires like Jeff Bezos, who are hardly beloved by socialists to say the least, also give to charity.

Some people were unhappy about this.

They thought that it overlooked the important work she did.

The general consensus seemed to be that it’s fine for people of all political stripes to admire an individual without endorsing every single thing about them or every institution they’re a part of.

This renewed interest in Princess Diana is thanks to the release of the fourth season of The Crown. The show chronicles her struggle with bulimia, troubled marriage and progressive charity efforts.

Nonetheless, this clearly wasn’t enough to turn everyone into a fan.

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