Read this before mocking One Direction fans

Before you mock teenage girls for still being upset about Zayn Malik leaving One Direction, it's worth looking at this Tumblr post by Kaya and Kate, two friends studying feminism and fan culture at New York University.

Responding to comments like the ones below on a Buzzfeed article documenting how teens reacted to Malik's departure they write:

When a sports team loses or an athlete is traded, people cry. They cry, they get angry, they scream at their TVs. Sound familiar?

In short, the only difference between the people in these pictures is their age and gender.

As Kaya and Kate put it:

One Direction is a band that has had a positive and lasting effect on many people, has brought together friendships, and has helped many young girls to feel beautiful and part of something important. Do not dismiss the emotions and reactions to this event just because of who they’re coming from. No one is asking you to like or care about One Direction. Just don’t be a dick.

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