Remembering the most brutal moment in the history of daytime television

Remembering the most brutal moment in the history of daytime television

It may have been inexplicably cancelled in April 2009, but the legacy of Golden Balls lives on.

The show, fronted by "comedian" Jasper Carrott, saw contestants pull money out of shiny plastic balls.

It may sound rather mundane, but it's been remembered this week after what must be one of the most brutal scenes in the history of British daytime television was re-shared on social media.

Here's how the game works:

  • Once the total prize money has been decided, the two players battle it out to see who gets to keep it

  • Each player has two balls - one with 'split' and the other one with 'steal'

  • If both players choose 'split' they keep half the money each. If they both choose 'steal' they both go home with nothing. If one choose 'steal' and the other one goes for 'split', however, then the one who chose 'steal' takes all the money

This part of the game requires negotiation, confidence and, ultimately, trust - three factors that one young woman brutally, savagely exploited.

Back in March 2008, the contestants were Sarah and Steven. The prize money was just over £100,000.

The pair had a very stern conversation before revealing their choices, where they promised each other they would both split.


I am going to split this. Fifty-thousand, it's unbelievable. I am very, very happy to go home with fifty-thousand.

If I stole off you, every single person over there [in the audience] would run over here and lynch me.


There's no way I could.. I mean everyone who knew me would just be disgusted if I stole.

Sarah then made Steven "promise" her that he wouldn't steal the money while the pair held hands and looked into each other's eyes.

Well, you can only guess what happened next.




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