Richard Madeley calls GMB guest ‘darling’ and viewers aren’t happy

Richard Madeley calls GMB guest ‘darling’ and viewers aren’t happy

Good Morning Britain viewers have called out co-host Richard Madeley after he referred to a parenting expert as “darling” during a discussion about Netflix hit series Squid Game.

During the breakfast show, there was a debate on whether the South Korean dystopian drama is “fit for kids.”

Parenting expert Jane Evans and crime writer Mark Billingham took part in the discussion with Madeley and co-host Susanna Reid.

Ever since the show dropped, Squid Game is fast becoming one of the most-watched Netflix series ever.

Despite the show being given a 15+ rating, there have been reports of children recreating the scary childhood games in the school playground, which has led Central Bedfordshire Council to email parents about “aggressive” primary pupils, the BBC reported.

Jane told the programme that she hopes children stay away from the show as “they don’t have the emotional or psychological maturity to make any sense of this.”

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While Mark argued that Squid Game “is no more violent than dozens of other shows” and added that the real moral issue is if parents are letting young children watch the gory series.

Richard then asked if the problem with Squid Game is whether it’s because it’s purely fictionalised and the violence is used for entertainment rather than retelling a historical event such as the violent battle scenes in the 1998 film Saving Private Ryan which is set in World War II.

In response to this point, Jane said: “I will be doing everything in my power to allow my grandchild, with my son and daughter-in-law, to have a childhood that’s magical.”

Richard then tried to ask Jane: “Do you not take Mark’s point that we’ve been here before?”

As Jane replied with a “no,” Richard attempted to continue talking.

He then upset viewers with his “patronising” comment as he interjected, telling Jane: “Hang on, hang on. Darling, just let me finish the question.”

Safe to say Jane didn’t look visibly amused as she pulled a face in reaction.

Viewers have since taken to Twitter to share their disdain at Richard’s comment.

Unsurprisingly, many have also compared the comment to something Alan Partridge would say - and there’s plenty more where that came from.

Recently, Good Morning Britain was under fire for not giving professor Devi Sridhar her full title on-screen while her male counterpart was given his.

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