Rihanna was a flood of tears after discovering that her PE teacher from school was at the ICC Cricket World Cup as a coach for the West Indies team.

The singer’s face was adorable in its shock when she spotted Roddy Eastwick, who taught her back in school in Barbados, at the tournament in Durham.

In the video uploaded on Instagram, Rihanna is seen encompassing her former teacher in an affectionate hug before bursting into tears.

We’re not crying you’re crying.

She captioned the clip: “This is my teacher from school! He was a mentor and father figure to me. I haven’t seen him in years!”

Later, when her eyes were dryer, she posted a photo of the two together, writing: “My mentor, my champ, my MVP, my school teacher, my first ‘JayBrown’… #MrEastwick! You made my day.”

“Everybody calls her Rihanna but I know her as Robyn Fenty,” Mr Eastwick tells ICC in an interview after the game.

Mr Eastwick had nothing but praise for RiRi (Picture: ICC GRAB)

For four years at school in Barbados, secondary school I was the PE teacher. She was a student. I’ve known her from age 11 till now. It was good to see her again.

I used to sit with her most lunch times. Her and her best friend, Sinnita Alexandria, and have a chat with them and try to guide them in the right direction.

Obviously growing up as young girls in Barbados wasn’t always easy so I was trying to guide them in the right direction and try to assist in any way I could.

Fans of the singer loved her emotional response

Others reminisced about their teachers...

West Indies ended up losing against Sri Lanka in the game, but with such a wholesome exchange, who cares?

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