Simpsons writer asks fans to stop comparing Rudy Giuliani to the show's hapless lawyer

Rudy Giuliani has been front and centre of Donald Trump's campaign since the president lost the election, trying to uncover evidence of voter fraud.

So far, the lawyer and former mayor of New York City has been unable to produce anything substantial that would suggest the Democrats and Joe Biden cheated and unfortunately for Giuliani, it's resulted in a few embarrassing moments.

We all know about the farcical scenes outside of Four Seasons Total Landscaping in Philadelphia but he has also been in court arguing Trump's case but has only managed to rant about Mickey Mouse and spread conspiracy theories about the election of John F Kennedy. Let's not forget that he was also duped by Borat earlier this year.

It's hardly been Giuliani's finest moment and it has led many to compare the former Time magazine Person of the Year, to Lionel Hutz, the hapless lawyer from The Simpsons who would often only succeed in making a fool of himself than prevailing over legal injustices.

Now, while The Simpsons has made a point of criticising Trump this comparison hasn't sat too well with one of the show's writers. Bill Oakley, who worked as a writer and a producer on The Simpsons in its heyday between 1992 and 1998 admitted on Twitter that he was dubious about the comparisons between Hutz and Giuliani because although they skills don't translate very well to their job they clearly have different goals.

Hutz hasn't been featured on The Simpsons since 1997 as the character was retired following the passing of Phil Hartman who voiced everyone's favourite useless lawyer. So for now folks we need to find another fictional lawyer to compare Giuliani too although we fear nothing could truly replicate the comedic scenes that are playing out in America right now.

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