Ryan Reynolds decided to delay Emilia Clarke's birthday so it didn't clash with his

It’s a well-established fact that Ryan Reynolds is the king of celebrity trolling.

Whether it’s his wife Blake Lively of famous frenemy Hugh Jackman, Reynolds has mastered his playful trolling craft.

So when it came to sharing his birthday last week with another very famous actor, Reynolds wants everyone to know that he’s really (not really) unhappy about it.

It all started when Ryan's production company, Maximum Effort Productions, shared a “Happy Birthday” tweet for Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke. The tweet ignored the fact that it was also Reynolds’s birthday.

So Reynolds popped up on Twitter to say that, actually, he’d “moved” her birthday this year because it was “crowded”. He said her “new birthday” is February 29th.

(And 29 February, as you’ll know, occurs only once every 4 years).

The funny tweet quickly amassed hundreds of thousands of likes. Clarke hasn’t responded, but we imagine she’d deal with this 'birthday move' idea a little like this...

And who could blame her?

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