Ryan Reynolds says he'll always make fun himself for starring in this 'failure' movie

Ryan Reynolds says he'll always make fun himself for starring in this 'failure' movie

Ryan Reynolds is master of trolling his nearest and dearest on Twitter.

But his fans will also know that he doesn’t seem to be the biggest fan of his movie Green Lantern. And now we know why.

While promoting his new movie Free Guy, Reynolds revealed why he always includes jokes about Green Lantern in his other movies. He said he’s so aware of the bad reception that 2011's DC hero movie got that he uses these jokes to turn a negative into a positive.

Referencing his repeated self-ridicule of the film, he said:

I think it's more about just laughing at myself, not laughing at other people, necessarily, that are involved in a project.

But laughing at myself and my own contribution to that failure or however you want to characterise it. It was just something that I thought was worth examining, you know?

And in examining it, you take that energy that is – typically, maybe it's hurtful or maybe it's something that's dragging you down – and you end up creating a sort of mental Judo with it. You're using its energy against it and creating something positive out of it.

It's just something I've always done, but the most significant thing that's ever happened in my career is laughing at myself always. Like, since the start of the work. And there's plenty there to laugh at.

Everybody has their own, you lay in bed at night and you think, 'Oh God, this thing I did was so awful or silly or ridiculous.' I think that's got this fuel for lots of stuff.

We know Reynolds is very successful, whether that’s at making fun of Hugh Jackman or selling his gin company for an eye-watering $600m.

But it’s nice to know that even someone like him has career low points. And that laughing at your failures (and learning from them) is important no matter how successful someone seems.

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