Samira Mighty joined Love Island as its first black female contestant, but her treatment on the show has felt like less of a triumph for diversity and more a lesson on the struggles black women face dating and on TV.

Samira has been dealt blow after blow on the show - from being the girl who is last to fit any man's romantic 'type' and the last of the islanders to find a match, to the revelation that a scene involving her and romantic interest Frankie Foster were left on the cutting room floor.

Samira has now revealed she is leaving the show to pursue a relationship with Frankie in the real world - though this may come as a surprise to viewers who felt they barely saw any of their romance on screen.

But what will not come as a surprise to many black viewers is the unfair treatment Samira seems to have received on the show.

Actor Susam Wokoma took to Twitter to share her own experience on a reality TV show as a child.

She said the final cut didn't represent her time on the show.

As a result, seeing black women on reality TV makes her anxious.

She said black women are valued in very limited ways.

People were grateful to Susan for telling her story.

And others shared similar experiences.

Frankie and Samira aren't the only couple to have their scenes in the Hideaway cut, and a Love Island spokesperson told Metro:

We don’t necessarily show every moment in the hideaway owing to the constraints of it only being a one hour show.

indy100has contacted ITV for comment.

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