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Don't you just wish that Twitter had always existed?

Sure extreme political ideals and trolls would have been given a platform for a lot longer, but just think of the fun you could have had in the 80s and 90s (we're showing our age now).

Like, imagine all the memes that would have come out after the Spice Girls dropped the video for 'Wannabe', or what the reaction would have been after Tiffany got killed off on Eastenders.

Oh, the possibilities...

Well, as Hollywood actor Seth Rogen has proven, it is still possible to reveal things that have been known for decades and still shock the internet.

On Monday, the Superbad and Knocked Up star tweeted a secret about the 1984 Nintendo video game Duck Hunt which barely anyone seemed to know about.

Just in case, you were born after the invention of 64-bit consoles, Duck Hunt was a 2D video game where you had to shoot ducks out of the sky using an electronic gun.

It was a fairly simple game but if Rogen's claim is true then it is even easier.

As soon as the Canadian shared this revelation his tweet began to cause people to question their very existence and concept of reality.

This began people questioning why they had been so bad at the game in the past.

We can understand that this type of news might be a little too much to handle, no matter the time of day and you have every right to question it as we all know how rampant fake news is these days.

Just to prove that it is right, Seth even dug out a picture of the instruction which told you, right there in black and white, that Duck Hunt was a two-player game.

Here is a video for further evidence.

Of course, there were a few smart alecs out there who knew about it and we've just got one question: 'Why didn't you tell us earlier?'

The problem is now is that all we can see is that blasted dog laughing at us. Thanks, Seth!

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