Since quitting the Daily Show Jon Stewart has, umm, inexplicably become a WWE superstar

Jon Stewart left The Daily Show for good earlier this month, and with it, a gaping hole in our hearts.

But it turns out he's definitely not headed for a bit of peace and quiet in retirement.

Having ditched the suit and sporting a scruffy new beard, Stewart hosted the WWE Summer Slam fight between Seth Rollins and John Cena in Brooklyn on the weekend.

However, the comedian couldn't resist getting involved in the action - entering the ring at one point to take out Cena with a chair.

As both the fighters were sprawled on the ground, it initially appeared that Stewart was coming to get his own back on Rollins, with whom he has an ongoing feud (in wrestling terms).

Stewart's intervention cost Cena the championship title, but the fighter managed to get his own back on Monday night, body slamming the pintsized Stewart in front of a cheering crowd:

Stewart is somehow now a bad guy in the world of wrestling, which we don't understand. But then, the US is yet to offer an explanation for WWE in general, which we find completely baffling.


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