Stephen Colbert perfectly mocked Kellyanne Conway

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Donald Trump addressed congress in his first State of the Union this week - many observed that he chose a notably much more sober tone in the wake of his dark and stormy inauguration address.

With great pleasure, comedian and host of The Late Show Stephen Colbert dissected said speech.

Donald Trump was keen to talk about how to make America great again, with a new catchphrase.

Colbert was unimpressed.

'Renewal of the American spirit' - sounds like a Chinese bootleg of make America great again

He touched on a few aspects of Trump's speech, but it was his Kellyanne Conway burn that struck gold:

On the Executive orders, he began by panning to a clip of the president.

We have placed a hiring freeze on non-military and non-essential federal workers.

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Non. Essential. Federal. Workers… So Kellyanne Conway is out? Is she… Just gone?

Conway's role in the White House has been... Contested.

According to a recent CNN report, Conway was allegedly “banned from TV” by the White House for contradicting Donald Trump’s official line on a number of issues; including Michael Flynn’s resignation.

She did however pop-up a few days later on TV with a confusing new nickname for the President.

Oh dear.

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Here's the entire clip:

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