Tatler wrote a very gross article about Brooklyn Beckham being 'hot, ready, legal'

Tatler is a magazine synonymous with taste and style, right? Wrong.

In an article published yesterday titled 'Brooklyn Beckham: The posh girl's pin-up', journalist Annabel Rivkin notes the fact that the teenager has just celebrated his 16th birthday:

He's 16. So he's suddenly legal. Which means there are options that three months ago there would not have been. So that's diverting. Hot. Ready. Legal.

Victoria and David Beckham's eldest son is, apparently, "pure, compelling social catnip. All the pin-up value of One Direction rolled into one human boy with first-generation-Sloane appeal".

Justin Bieber appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone when he was 18 with the caption 'Hot. Ready. Legal' - but the age of consent connotation is just... well... creepy.

He stands alone. If you can't date him, get your daughter to date him. Brooklyn. We're not on the bridge. It's love.

When contacted by i100.co.uk, Tatler's press office said that the magazine had no comment.

You stay classy, Tatler.

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