Terry Crews hilariously ridiculed for trying to defend Chance the Rapper's comments about Kanye West
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People are sharing hilariously savage memes about Chance the Rapper backtracking on his endorsement of Kanye West for president after Terry Crews tried to support him.

The ridicule of the entire internet wasn't enough to change Chance's mind, but one word from Crews apparently was.

This is a whole saga, so let's get in to it.

What did Chance the Rapper say?

On 5 July, Kanye West announced that he is running for president of the United States.

The announcement caused a brief splash on social media, with Elon Musk and Kim Kardashian-West voicing their support for Ye's presidential bid.

But something wasn't quite right. West's announcement came just four months before the election and in the form of a tweet which, it turned out, wasn't backed up by any paperwork whatsoever.

That West was essentially just courting publicity – and not really a seat in the Oval Office – failed to reach Grammy award-winning hip hop artist Chance the Rapper.

Chance tweeted his vociferous support for Kanye West for president, beginning with a quote tweet of an extract of West's song 'DONDA'.

He was met with vehement opposition and accused of distracting people from the fight to remove Trump from the presidency.

Chance then doubled down in a string of tweets in which he questioned why voting for Democrat candidate Joe Biden would be any better than supporting Trump.

Enter actor Terry Crews.

Crews is no stranger to controversy, most recently for his comments on Black Lives Matter.

When Chance voiced his frustration that he was being forced to defend his endorsement of West to the hilt, Crews waded in, writing "I feel your pain".

At this point, after thousands of replies to Chance's original tweets begging him to reconsider his position, the rapper finally backed down.

"Sprinting down the hill now" he wrote. "I do not accept my recent endorsement from Terry Crews".

Chance's tweet seems to imply that Terry Crews, the actor best known for his roles in White Chicks and Brooklyn 99, is not "for Black liberation" despite himself being Black.

Is this true?

Terry Crews has landed himself in hot water for controversial comments about race several times.

As Black Lives Matter protests were picking up steam, Crews tweeted that "we must ensure #blacklivesmatter doesn't morph into #blacklivesbetter".

He also cautioned against the fight against racism turning into "black supremacy".

Crews did, indeed, find himself dying on this hill.

He discussed his tweets on CNN with Don Lemon, saying:

There are some very, very militant-type forces in Black Lives Matter. What I was issuing was a warning.

When you issue a warning, and a warning is seen as detrimental, how can you ever, ever have checks and balances?

Crews has also previously come under fire for defending America's Got Talent after fellow Black judge Gabrielle Union voiced her experiences of racism on the show.

Speaking on the Today show, Crews said:

I can't speak for sexism because I'm not a woman, but I can speak on any racism comments.

That was never my experience. In fact, it was the most diverse place I have ever been in my 20 years of entertainment.

He later apologised for failing to acknowledge her pain.

In response to Chance the Rapper's sudden 180, Crews tweeted that he never 'endorsed' him.

And that, for now, seems to be the end of the saga.

The whole thing, obviously, inspired memes. Lots of memes...

Chance's change of heart does appear to have been directly brought about by Crews's support.

He was specifically named in Chance's 'running down the hill' tweet.

So if we've learnt anything from this whole saga, it's that you should be careful how you pick your battles.

Especially in an election year. And especially on Twitter.

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