'Hamilton' production team slams 'unauthorized' and 'homophobic' production of Hamilton

A Jesus-themed production of Hamilton in Texas is facing backlash for putting on an unauthorized production with Christian elements.

According to reports, The Door McAllen, a Christian ministry in McAllen, Texas, changed several lines of the musical to reflect their views and got rid of themes that did not align with their Christina values.

At the end of the play, the pastor then gave a sermon in which he compared homosexuality to being addicted to drugs or alcohol.

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On Twitter, Hemant Mehta shared several clips from the production which received attention online mainly from people mocking The Door McAllen's rendition.

"My mouth literally dropped LMFAO. What were they thinking?" a Twitter user wrote.

"Didn’t expect to have “Church in Texas illegally puts on a modified Hamilton in which the plot is changed to him coming to Jesus, then has an anti-LGBTQ/problematic sermon after” on my 2022 bingo card but here we are." Lauren tweeted.

Several clips from the production went viral for the 'cringe worthy' performances and altered lyrics. Users on Twitter notified Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda in the hopes to have the church scolded for their unauthorized rendition.

"Too much emphasis on the illegal and christianized parts of this. Not enough emphasis on the lack of talent." Mike tweeted.

"How can I study when I live in the state of Texas, where a church just posted a very illegal knockoff production of Hamilton? I can’t study, I need to be doing on the ground journalism. This is better than illegal heathers." Amy wrote.

Upon seeing the backlash, The Door McAllen Church posted a video informing people they had permission to put on their performance.

"So we would like to, once again, thank the Hamilton team for giving us the license to perform our version of Hamilton", the pastor said.

However, on Wednesday, Miranda and the Dramatists Guild notified people via Twitter they condemned The Door McAllen Church for their performance.

Manuel said "now lawyers do their work" implying The Door McAllen did not have permission and they will not allow it to go unpunished.

"Grateful to all of you who reached out about this illegal, unauthorized production", Miranda wrote.

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