Thanos is being photoshopped into random famous pictures and it's hilarious

In 2018, Thanos was the biggest villain on Earth, that wasn't named Trump after he wiped out more than half of The Avengers with a click of his fingers.

Now, in 2019, while fans twiddle their thumbs and wait for the Avengers: Endgame to be released, Thanos has become a source of fun for the internet.

Whether it be memes or jokes about the Mad Titan, people aren't letting his genocidal tendencies get to them and are photoshopping him into random pictures.

These could either be movie stills, famous photos or paintings but seeing the Marvel villain in different situations beyond fighting Captain America and co is very amusing.

This was started by film journalist Scott Wampler and has spawned a new internet craze. He started with a still from the new Star Wars movie and it spiralled out of control from there.


Edward Scissorhands

American Gothic

The Michael Cohen testimony


3 Men and a Baby


V-Day in Times Square

The Shining



Distracted boyfriend meme

The Life Aquatic

That Oscars selfie

A Star is Born

Elon Musk

Bohemian Rhapsody

Judge Dredd

The West Side Story

Wampler has since turned this into an official competition so please go and check it out and submit your own.

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