The 7 most tenuous Star Wars: The Force Awakens product tie-ins

Star Wars fever might just have peaked.

While the positive reviews rolling in for JJ Abrams' Episode VII - The Force Awakens could well propel it to the status of being one of the biggest films of all time, it's the tie-in products that'll really give it the required boost... we think.

Below are a selection of the most bizarre around.

1. BB8 Fruit

Or, as one Twitter user put it, 'Star Waranges'.

2. Duracell Batteries

3. Toothpaste

Because nothing says minty fresh like intergalactic battles, wookies and masked villains.

4. Makeup

5. Spotify

This is aimed at all those who've ever wondered which Star Wars character they are... based on music taste.

6. Popcorn

"The Force Awa-corns," claims popcorn producer Tommy Tucker with the news that the company has had to increase its yield by 33 per cent to keep up with Star Wars demand.

We almost got excited about the thought of scoffing this while watching the film. Almost.

7. Stamps

They also come with hidden ultraviolet symbols! Not even the Queen has that.

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