The awkward moment when Iain Lee took an on-air joke too far

A knuckle-bitingly awkward spoof on-air row between BBC Three Counties Radio Breakfast presenter Iain Lee and his producer ended in controversy after Lee was accused of making a racist comment.

The altercation, in which Lee told his departing producer Paul Scoins to "go and do the black and Asian show. Bye bye" as he walked out of the studio, was criticised by Navrita Atwal, the chief executive of Milton Keynes equality council.

She said they were "concerned that programmes aimed at the black and Asian community are being dismissed as less significant or important than others by the comment".

A BBC spokesperson apologised and accepted the comments were not acceptable, saying: "We have spoken to Iain and made clear to him that these comments are unacceptable. He accepts this and has apologised. We apologise for any offence caused."

The show was broadcast on Friday, and Lee, a former presenter of Channel 4’s 11 O’Clock Show, tweeted on Monday that the show that day would be "full of humble pie".

He also tweeted Mr Scoins today, saying he hoped he was enjoying his break.

You can listen to the clip here, if you want to feel incredibly uncomfortable for just under six minutes.

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